Your success is not dependent on a life free of challenges.


Every person experiences loss, trials, and pain. Our ability to skillfully surf the rough waters is what brings us reward.

A painful history does not have to stand in the way of your happiness.


The most contented people are those who have used the difficulties of the past to gain perspective and appreciation for what is possible in the present.

Thoughts of the future do not have to bring up worry or fear of the unknown. 


When one has developed a strong sense of self and the ability to be flexible in the face of change or challenge, every new day can be met with interest and joy.

how does therapy help?

Therapy is about opening the heart and reducing those habits of the mind that send us backwards and keep us stuck.  A therapeutic perspective of self is rooted in compassion.  It centers around accepting, not fearing, the pain inside of us and appreciating, not rejecting, the differences between us.  To be healthy in mind and body, we must aim to make peace with what is outside of our control, finding ways to thrive irrespective of past, present, or future circumstance. Therapy that inspires and transforms will offer you the means to access your inherent gifts and garner greater resilience so that you can experience the genuine, unshakable sense of peace that is at your core.


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the time for being well is now.


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