Your success is not dependent on a life free of challenges.


Every person experiences loss, trials, and pain. Our ability to skillfully surf the rough waters is what brings us reward.

A painful history does not have to stand in the way of your happiness.


The most contented people are those who have used the difficulties of the past to gain perspective and appreciation for what is possible in the present.

Thoughts of the future do not have to bring up worry or fear of the unknown. 


When one has developed a strong sense of self and the ability to be flexible in the face of change or challenge, every new day can be met with interest and joy.

How does therapy help?

A therapist is a trusted guide to recovery and health at the deepest level.  There is no judgement, no failure, and no expectation in a Therapeutic relationship.  Instead, you will find elements of compassion and acceptance since these are the states and traits that lead to being resilient and experiencing joy.

In therapy, the focus is on feeling, not fearing, the pain that is a part of living.  We learn how to appreciate and accept, not reject, the differences between self and other, suffering and pain, known and unknown, wanting and needing.  The most helpful therapist is one who will open the window to understanding and possibility without ever leaving your side. 

Therapy in practice will look and feel like your mind is being exercised and well fed in a safe space with a loving witness.  The goal is to shed the unnecessary, resolve the unwelcome, and use the skills you've learned in treatment to live a wonderful, fruitful life.


The time for being well is now.

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